Your Smile Is Important – Take Care of It

why-see-a-dentistEveryone knows that the first thing that you see at a person is the face, and when you talk to someone, one of the things that you take notice about is the mouth. We’re not talking only about the shape of it, but we are talking about what you see at that person’s mouth, and this is – the teeth.

Now, if you’re not comfortable talking to a person that has missing teeth or bad looking teeth, simply imagine what would anyone feel if you were exposing some bad looking teeth.

Taking care of your teeth is not so complicated as you might thing, and it’s also cheap, especially if you’re not in the phase where a dentist is needed.

Here is what you have to do to make sure that you visit the dentist just for the usual check-up once a year, without worries of complicated treatments.

Brush Your Teeth

Yes, brushing your teeth is very important and this should be done at least once a day. However, if you want to achieve wonderful results, you need to brush your teeth at least three times per day. How to do this? Well, brush once in the morning when you wake up, the second time when you get home after work and the third time before going to bed at night. This will make sure that your teeth are clean throughout the day and night also.

Choose the Perfect Toothbrush

phoenix-pediatric-dentistIt’s not about a pink or a red toothbrush, but it’s about how the toothbrush works. There are plenty of models and sizes on the market and you have to choose one that is adapted for your needs. For example, some people have really sensitive gums, so if you are one of them, you need to choose a soft toothbrush. Those who can afford to brush their teeth with a harder one, they can choose a medium toothbrush or a hard one, depending on their preferences.

Of course, there are also electrical toothbrushes, which have plenty of rotations per minute and promise you cleaner teeth. Those are also a little more expensive than the regular ones, but they do a better job.

Check Your Gums

The gums represent a strong barrier against multiple tooth diseases. If you notice that your gums are bleeding when you are brushing your teeth, even if you use a soft toothbrush, then it may be the time to ask the advice and the help of a dentist. Usually, a bleeding in the gums can point out other problems that you can’t know about. Only a specialist will tell you exactly what you have to do – this might be a sign for periodontitis and it needs to be treated immediately so that you don’t loose your teeth in the future.

Visit the Dentist

hero_dentistOnce per year or even every six months you really have to make time and visit a dentist. Choose one and stick to him or to her – this way, the dentist will know all your medical background regarding your teeth and if he or she performs any work on your teeth, they will know exactly what was done.

A visit to the dentist is not just for fixing a cavity or any other problem. Even if you don’t show signs of a dental problem, they can at least evaluate the state or your teeth – if there are any signs that you’ll develop a cavity on a tooth or if there are problems with the gums that can lead to other illnesses like periodontitis.

Don’t worry about the visit – in most of the cases it’s just a visual check up, and you can always choose the best dentist Chattanooga area can offer you. However, if the dentist discovers that you need a certain procedure, he or she will inform you and you are the one that takes the decision. Even so, the best thing that you can do is follow the dentist’s advice, because if you let something untreated and you postpone it for a longer period of time, not only you can get tooth pain, but you can also develop severe side effects.

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